With the Live News plugin you can make use the four available sources of news (manually added, from the posts, from an RSS feed, from Twitter) to create your news tickers.

From your blog (manually added or generated from the posts)

Manually create news from the plugin back-end menus or automatically generate the news from you posts or from a specific category of posts.

News Ticker with news from this blog
Sliding News with Stock Market Data
Premier League Results

From an external source (RSS feed or Twitter)

Retrieve the news from an RSS feed or from a Twitter account. In this demo the news are updated every hour but you can even update the news every minute or every news cycle if you want, you can control these values from the plugin back-end menu.

BBC News (updated every hour from the BBC News – World RSS feed )
CNN Arabic with RTL layout (updated every hour from the CNN Arabic – World RSS feed)
Sliding News from Pope Francis on Twitter (updated every hour from the @Pontifex account)

Video Tutorials

Learn how to use Live News:

Create a news ticker with manually added news
Create a news ticker with news from the posts
Create a news ticker with news from an RSS feed
Create a news ticker with news from Twitter