Welcome, in this demo I created events for four online multiplayer games, Aion, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and Allods.

In order to subscribe to the events you have to create a “Player” account, the “Player” is a special WordPress role created by Game Planner that grants on the front-end the capability to subscribe to the events and on the back-end the capability to see the log of the subscriptions.

The website administrator will be able to create games and events, approve and delete events, approved or reject specific subscriptions, rate the players,  save notes related to the players, send emails to the approved players, send emails to the unapproved players, delete or create players. You can see the administration part of this plugin in the “Video Tutorials” section.

Event Cards

Event Cards are used to show details about specific events and to collect subscriptions. Note that each game has its own set required roles and for RPG games the name of the character is required. Roles are customizable and during the creation of a new game you will be able to create your custom set of roles and enable or disable the requirement for the name of the character.

Abyss Chambers – Aion (MMORPG)

Events Tables

Events Tables are used to list the events related to a specific game or the overall list of events.

Aion Events – Only events from the Aion game

World of Warcraft Events – Only events from the World of Warcraft game

Guild Wars 2 Events – Only events from the Guild Wars 2 game

Allods Events– Only events from the Allods game

Latest Event – Events from all the games

Video Tutorials

This video series covers the basic steps that you need to know in order to understand how this plugin works.

Create a Game (logged as Administrator)

Create an Event (logged as Administrator)

Subscribe to an event (logged as a Player)

Visit the Subscriptions Log (logged as a Player)

Approve an event (logged as Administrator)


Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. The beautiful piece of art used in the event card has been created by engkit from DeviantArt.